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September 23, 2020 1 min read

Whether you’re looking for a simple morning cup of coffee, a spicy Spanish latte that rivals your favorite barista’s, or a sparkling coffee concoction, Golden Ratio has you covered! Our original gold coffee sips like tea, kicks like coffee, and stars in these three recipes!

1. Golden Spanish Latte

With cinnamon infused syrup + a dash of nutmeg, this latte is sure to be a fall favorite.

2. Golden Citrus Spritzer

Light and refreshing, this is the way to go when you want to shake things up a bit. 

3. Original Gold Brew 

A no-frills added cup of original gold is great for days when you're craving a simple sip. 


Thinking of giving these a try? Let us know on Instagram via #drinkgoldbrew on IG