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A Golden Morning With Margi Desai

A Golden Morning With Margi Desai

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This week, we teamed up with our friend and fabulous fashion blogger, Margi Desai, to give you her take on a Golden morning!

Start Your Day the Golden Way -- that’s our mission, and we want to inspire you to do so, however that looks for you! Whether you’re starting a new semester or settled into the 9-5 rhythm, it's never a bad time to rethink your morning routine

6:45 a.m: Alarm Goes Off 

My alarm goes off and it's time to start my day! I get out of bed, brush my teeth, change clothes, and head out for a morning workout. My morning workout consists of a 2-3 mile run with a Chloe Ting workout. Each day consists of a different Chloe Ting workout (legs, arms, core, etc). 

When I have a rest day and I'm not working out, I’ll sleep in until 7:30am. I love waking up early because I love those quiet hours of productivity. Once I got used to having those early hours, I got addicted to the productivity! Now if I sleep until 8 or 9, I wake up feeling kind of bummed that I’m just getting started on my day.

7:45 a.m: Back Home, Brew Coffee, and Shower

I'm back home and NEED my caffeine. I don't like to wait to brew my coffee after I shower so currently I pour 8oz of boiling water over one Golden Ratio pouch in my mug and let it steep for the time it takes me to shower (usually 15 minutes). The longer you steep the pouch, the stronger the coffee is. On hotter days, I like to add ice and make an iced latte instead. My current fave Golden Ratio flavor is definitely theChai Spiced Gold. On days that I'm not in the mood for coffee, I'll opt for a matcha latte.

Once I'm showered, I put on some real clothes to prepare myself for the day. I feel better when I look better so this really just helps me set the tone for the day! After I'm dressed, I'll take my coffee and get on to the desk. 

8:05 a.m: Desk Time 

I'm an early bird and like to log on to work earlier than usual to catch up on things before everyone else is on. While I’m working, I’ll usually eat a granola bar with my Golden Ratio coffee. I try to start my day by answering all my unread emails and tackle my pending tasks. Then, once everyone is on at 9:00am, I'll be busy with meetings and the rest of my day!

That’s how I love starting my mornings! A workout, shower, and then grind time, baby! 

We love Margi’s dedication to starting her day during the early hours. Give her a follow on Instagram, for more lifestyle and fashion inspiration! What does a golden morning look like for you? Let us know via #drinkgoldbrew on IG. 

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