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Normal Coffee Stains Teeth. Not Golden Ratio.

Normal Coffee Stains Teeth. Not Golden Ratio.

Clark Clark
2 minute read

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You already know that normal coffee stains teeth. Not Golden Ratio, though. Because of our low roast, low acid coffee, Golden Ratio gold roast coffee doesn't stain your teeth brown like other coffees.

Remember all those lab reports you wrote in high school? You know, the ones with the research questions and the variables and the hypothesis?

We had a hypothesis: if we soaked some teeth in gold coffee and some other teeth in your average black coffee, the teeth soaked in gold brew wouldn’t turn brown. (Spoiler alert: we were right!)

As we all know from high school biology, every great hypothesis needs a great experiment to test it out. So, we hired a third-party, independent research group in Austin to test it for us.

40 lucky teeth were selected to participate in the experiment. Each tooth had its starting shade assessed using a digital tooth shade detector and was then assigned a number. Half of the teeth were soaked in gold coffee, and the other half were soaked in regular black coffee.

After 24 hours, 60% of the teeth soaked in black coffee had darkened, while only 30% of the gold-soaked teeth darkened. At the 48, 96, and 168-hour marks, the teeth soaked in black coffee were significantly darker than the teeth soaked in gold coffee.

So there you have it, the data support our hypothesis. Golden Ratio gold coffee won’t stain your teeth brown. If you don’t believe us, test it out yourself by switching from old to gold. You know what they say – the proof is in the pouches.

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