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With less than 1 hour of onboarding time and only the price of a cup of coffee per person, celebrating your clients/prospects birthdays has never been so easy!

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30 second second contact info drop


3 min qualification sign up

How it works:

  1. Send us a .csv file with your clients/prospects’ names, mailing addresses, and birthdays (or transaction dates for “home ownership” birthdays)
  2. Send us your company’s logo to be included on the front of every card
  3. Write the letter copy for what you want to say (550 character max)
  4. Decide on whether you’d like to send a “mass printed” card or a “personalized handwritten” card to your clients/prospects
  5. Pay for the first month’s sends
  6. Sit back and receive calls from your clients thanking you for the thoughtful & sweet birthday treat, every day of the year!

Fully Delivered Pricing: A Nice Cup of Coffee

  • $4 per person for “mass printed” card campaigns
  • $6.50 per person for “personalized handwritten” card campaigns (*Special KW Family Reunion price – typically $7.00*)
  • Price drops on campaigns for 1,000 people or more
  • *A minimum $1,000 annual spend required to participate*

We can start making your clients feel Golden within 2 weeks from signing!

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