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+What is Golden Ratio?
Golden Ratio is a low acid, lighter tasting alternative to traditional black coffee. Our "gold roasted" coffee beans are roasted at lower temperatures to create a smooth tea-like coffee, gold in color, with no loss of caffeine!
+How does your 30-day money-back guarantee work?
If you are dissatisfied with your order in any way, you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just email us at support@drinkgoldenratio.com and we'll take care of you.
+Is it organic?
Our our premium shade grown coffee does not have a certification. Getting organic certified often comes at too high of a cost for independent farmers.
+How much caffeine is gold coffee?
Golden Ratio coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving.
+What does gold coffee taste like?
Gold coffee has been described as both “tea for coffee people” and “coffee for tea people.” It’s lighter than black coffee with no bitterness, and tastes like a wonderfully rich tea with a hint of coffee.
+You say gold coffee is 5x less acidic. What is that in comparison to?
Golden Ratio tests at a pH of 6 (similar to earl grey tea), whereas most other coffees test closer to 5 (more acidic). pH is measured on a logarithmic scale, which means one point higher is actually 10x greater, but we say 5x because occasionally the difference in pH between gold coffee and regular coffee is less than a point.

When you drink Golden Ratio, you immediately taste the difference in acidity with regular coffee. Gold coffee goes down incredibly smooth with no astringent feeling in your mouth and throat.
+Do you have decaf?
At this time we don’t offer a decaf option, but we may add one in the future.
+Where are your coffee beans sourced from?
Golden Ratio gets its coffee beans from our roasters, who source from independent farms in Nicaragua, Brazil, and Ethiopia.
+How do I know that the coffee I'm buying from Golden Ratio is fresh?
Golden Ratio nitro-flushes and heat seals each bag to ensure freshness for up to 12 months.