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Coffee Tea Bags: Taste, Benefits, Brewing, & Where To Buy

Coffee Tea Bags: Taste, Benefits, Brewing, & Where To Buy

Clark Clark
8 minute read

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You’re on the go and want an incredibly fresh cup of coffee that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. With recent coffee innovations, you can now pop a coffee tea bag (also called a coffee bag) in a cup of cold or hot water and have a delicious coffee in minutes.

Coffee tea bags are single-serving sachets or bags that brew coffee instead of tea. You simply steep the bag in water until your coffee is as strong as you like. The entire process takes just a few minutes. You can brew a delicious cup of coffee anytime without equipment.

Are there coffee bags similar to tea bags? Yes, there are coffee bags that brew like tea bags! Coffee bags are a convenient and eco-friendly way to brew a single-serving cup of coffee or even a pitcher of cold brew.

Why use tea bags for coffee?

Coffee tea bags work well for brewing single cups of coffee at a time. You steep your coffee in hot or cold water, then remove the bag and drink. 

How many coffee tea bags are in a pack? The number of coffee tea bags in a pack varies by brand, but it’s usually between 4 and 12. Golden Ratio golden coffee bags come in packs from 7-30, depending on the flavor you buy and the size you select.

Benefits Of Coffee In A Tea Bag

Why use coffee tea bags when you can make a regular ol’ cuppa joe? There are many reasons why coffee brewed with a coffee bag is vastly superior to a traditional cup of coffee. 

What are the benefits of coffee tea bags? There are many benefits of coffee tea bags, including:

  • Coffee bags are fresher: Most single-serve coffee bags come in individual packages, which keeps them fresh, unlike coffee grounds kept in an open container for months.
  • Environmentally-friendly single-serve coffee: Unlike K-cups or coffee pods, coffee tea bags are compostable, making them the most eco-friendly single-serve coffee available. And, you’re only making as many cups of coffee as you need — no more wasted coffee.
  • Easy clean up: You don’t have to deal with loose coffee grounds and coffee filters. Just toss the coffee bag in your compost bin (or trash if you can’t compost)!
  • No equipment needed: Steeping your coffee means you don’t need ground coffee, a traditional coffee maker, a pour over coffee maker, a French press, or any of the bulky equipment you need to brew a traditional cup of drip coffee.
  • Easily make your coffee stronger or weaker: It’s a lot easier to control the strength of your coffee using coffee tea bags than in a coffee maker or French press. You can control your brew to get the perfect coffee taste every time.

The brewing method really does make a difference!

Coffee Tea Bags Vs. Instant Coffee

Coffee tea bags make vastly superior coffee compared to instant coffee. Instant coffee is coffee that has been traditionally brewed then dehydrated into crystals. You get the crystals months (or sometimes longer) after the coffee was brewed, then mix them with water to make instant coffee.

Chemicals are added to the instant coffee during processing, while coffee bags like our gold coffee are often sourced and packaged organically.

Here are 3 other ways coffee tea bags are better than instant coffee:

  • A smoother taste that comes from steeped coffee
  • Brewed fresh right before you drink
  • Easier to control the strength of your coffee

Instant coffee does have a few similarities with coffee pouches, including:

  • Increased convenience
  • Make a single cup of coffee at a time
  • Available in regular and decaf versions, as well as different roasts (gold coffee, blonde roast, light roast, medium roast, dark roast)
  • Some options for both types of coffee are available on Amazon, like Folgers or Starbucks

The Taste Of Coffee Tea Bags

Coffee tea bags actually make a phenomenal cup of coffee. The best coffee is freshly brewed to the perfect strength — two of the biggest reasons why coffee connoisseurs love using coffee bags.

Some specialty coffee roasters now make single-serve coffee bags, which means you can fit a fantastic cup of coffee in your pocket and take it with you anywhere. You can get a cup of coffee that’s as good or better than a cup you’d brew at home in your coffee maker or French press.

How long do coffee tea bags stay fresh? Coffee tea bags stay fresh for several months to about a year, depending on the brand and how it’s sealed. For example, Golden Ratio gold coffee pouches stay fresh for up to 12 months after each bag is nitro-flushed and heat sealed.

How To Brew Coffee In Tea Bags

Brewing a cup of coffee with a coffee pouch is incredibly easy! It’s the perfect solution if you’re crunched for time, or you just don’t want to deal with cleanup.

How do you make tea with a coffee bag? You make tea with a coffee bag like you’d brew a cup of tea with a tea bag. You steep the bag in water (hot or cold) for several minutes until it’s brewed to the strength you like. Then enjoy!

Coffee Bags in Hot Water

To brew hot coffee with a coffee bag:

  1. Pour a cup (8 oz) of hot water.
  2. Take the coffee bag out of its packaging and place it in hot water.
  3. Dunk the coffee bag a couple of times, then let it steep in hot water for several minutes, depending on the brand of the coffee. (Golden Ratio coffees are best when steeped for 5-10 minutes.) Longer brew times lead to more robust coffee.
  4. Remove the coffee bag from the coffee and compost, if possible
  5. Add in any milk, creamer, sugar, or other add-ins you like in your coffee.

Coffee Bags in Cold Water

Yes, you can make your favorite iced coffee or cold brew with coffee bags! Making cold brew with coffee bags is similar to making hot coffee, with a few differences. 

Here’s what to do for the best cold brew coffee from coffee pouches:

  1. Pour a cup (8 oz) of cool or room-temperature water.
  2. Place the coffee bag in the water.
  3. Put the coffee in the refrigerator and let it steep for 12-18 hours for full flavor.
  4. Remove the coffee bag, add ice, and any add-ins you like.
  5. Enjoy within 48 hours for the best flavor, and throw it out 7 days after brewing. 

Coffee Pouches And Sustainability

One of the most significant benefits of coffee pouches over other single-serve coffee options is sustainability. Let’s face it: K-cups, Nespresso pods, ​​and other plastic single-serve coffee pods are terrible for the environment.

Plastic waste has become an environmental nightmare, and single-use coffee pods aren’t helping the situation. Despite what the little triangle on the bottom of the cup says, they’re not recyclable, so they wind up in a landfill, or worse, in the environment.

When you drink multiple cups of coffee every day, those little plastic cups add up fast. They’ll last far longer than our lifetimes, all for one cup of coffee. It’s no wonder environmentalists think they’re a total nightmare.

Coffee bags, on the other hand, are compostable and biodegradable in almost all cases. If you don’t compost yourself or participate in a community composting program, you can still breathe easy knowing that your coffee bag will break down quickly within a few months.

We care about the environment — that’s why we make our pouches out of biodegradable organic cotton and our bags out of recyclable materials.

Looking for coffee tea bags? Try these.

Ready to give coffee tea bags a try? Grab the best ones on the market. Golden Ratio makes coffee pouches that will give you the freshest, best-tasting cup of coffee available. Better than instant coffee, all of our products are entirely free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

Golden Ratio gold coffee has a mild flavor that’s almost tea-like. That’s why it’s a favorite among caffeine enthusiasts who can’t get into darker coffee roasts. If you think some coffee tastes too earthy or bitter, you’re going to love our gold coffee.

Wondering where to start? Our Original Gold Coffee Pouches are a classic for a reason. If you’re feeling a little adventurous or you love experimenting with flavor, give our variety pack a try. You’ll jump out of bed to brew this coffee!

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