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Gold Coffee: Definition, Roasting Process, Benefits & Taste

Gold Coffee: Definition, Roasting Process, Benefits & Taste

Clark Clark
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Gold coffee is a new addition to the coffee scene, providing a welcome alternative for those seeking a caffeine boost without the bitterness that can come with traditional roasts. While some may confuse it with a blonde roast, gold coffee is in a category of its own. 

Is gold coffee better? Gold coffee is better for coffee drinkers who have struggled with the effects of acid in coffee or who want a smoother, bitter-free taste. That makes it a roast to consider when you’re seeking something other than the usual latte or need to give up your stomach discomfort but not your coffee.

What is gold coffee?

Let’s first define what this roast entails. Gold coffee falls between a white coffee and a light roast on the coffee spectrum. It’s an ultralight roast, even lighter than a blonde roast, and almost resembles a tea with its golden color.

This golden cup of brew promises low acidity along with delicious flavor, packed with a higher caffeine level that many drinkers say doesn’t cause anxiety. Its low bitterness makes it a standout choice for tea lovers, too. Suffice it to say: there’s a lot to love about gold coffee. 

The Gold Coffee Difference

Gold coffee is a lightly-roasted, delicious coffee that still gives you that boost of energy you crave from that morning cup. 

What is the difference between gold coffee and regular coffee? The difference between a gold coffee and a regular coffee comes in at the roasting level. Gold coffee’s low roast leads to a low-acid brew that’s gentler on your stomach and smoother on your taste buds.

Roasting Process

Gold coffee is roasted at a lower temperature over a shorter amount of time than most other coffee roast styles. That leads to a lower acidity level while retaining all of the benefits of coffee.


Some say the taste of gold coffee is more like a strong tea than a coffee, making it a perfect coffee alternative for those who don’t love the bitterness in coffee.

What is the smoothest coffee? The smoothest coffee is gold coffee. The light roasting process defines smooth coffee, leading to a delicious cup without the burn or bitterness of a dark roast coffee. Plus, the low acidity in gold coffee makes for a gentler cup. 

If you’re tasting the original gold blend from Golden Ratio, you may get some notes of nuts and chocolate, depending on your palate. Gold coffee can come in a variety of flavors, too, like vanilla coconut

Flavors in a high-quality gold coffee should be all-natural to retain the roast’s smooth taste. That’s why we only use natural ingredients at Golden Ratio.


The caffeine content in gold coffee is higher than most other brews as it’s roasted for such a short amount of time. With Golden Ratio’s innovative coffee pouches, it’s easy to adjust your coffee’s strength and caffeine content based on your preferences. 

Longer steep times mean a stronger cup of coffee. If you’d love a lighter brew, you’d just steep your coffee pouch for less time. If you’re interested in even more caffeine in your cup, try a cold brew.

Health Benefits Of Gold Coffee

Gold coffee retains the many health benefits of coffee — lowered cancer risk, improved liver function, increased longevity — with some impressive added perks.

Is gold coffee healthy? Gold coffee is a healthy option for anyone looking for a gentler, smoother coffee experience. 

Its light roasting process makes it an even healthier coffee option than traditional brews. 

Here are some of the health benefits of gold coffee:

  • It’s gentle on your stomach. Intestinal pain and acid reflux are common complaints from regular coffee drinkers. The roast level on gold coffee means you’re sipping on a low-acid brew that will give you that caffeine boost without the stomach distress.
  • It boosts energy and focus. Depending on how long you steep it, gold coffee has more caffeine than your usual medium roast, leading to a boost in mental sharpness
  • It’s good for weight loss. Your typical black coffee may boost your metabolism, but added sugars and creamers can turn that cup into a calorie bomb. Gold coffee is delicious and smooth on its own, so you likely won’t need any additives to get a great taste.

On top of the health benefits of caffeinated coffee, gold has added benefits that place it a step above other brews, especially those seeking a convenient coffee alternative.

Making Gold Roast

A gold roast isn’t any harder to make than traditionally brewed coffee. In fact, if you’re trying out Golden Ratio’s products, they’re easier than waiting for a coffee pot. 

What are the benefits of gold coffee? The benefits of gold coffee are its low acidity, its smooth taste, and its convenience. Plus, Golden Ratio’s gold coffee comes in organic coffee pouches that you steep just like a tea bag. You’re not dealing with whole bean coffee or having to pull out that dusty espresso machine. It’s ready to go anytime.

For a cup of hot gold coffee, add a coffee pouch to a cup of hot water that you’ve prepared in your kettle or microwave. Let it steep based on how strong you like your coffee. Five to 10 minutes is the standard wait time, with 10 minutes giving you a more robust flavor.

Gold coffee is also delicious as a cold brew. 

For a chilled treat, drop a Golden Ratio coffee pouch into your cup of water and let it steep overnight. Your delicious cold brew will be waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. Drink it within 48 hours for optimal freshness.

Golden Ratio is meant to be single-serving, with each coffee pouch good for an 8oz cup of joe. Some customer reviews have mentioned a second cup is just as good, if a bit lighter, than the first, so feel free to experiment to nail down your personal gold coffee preferences. 

How To Choose High-Quality Coffee

No matter what kind of coffee roast you’re buying, there are ways to choose a high-quality coffee over a not-so-great alternative. 

  • Go organic. Choose brands that use organic ingredients. You can take it one step further by choosing brands that use organic packaging and recyclable materials, too. 
  • Look for single-origin beans. You’ll be able to taste the difference. Golden Ratio uses beans that come from Nicaragua, Brazil, and Ethiopia.
  • Taste the freshness. Skip instant coffee for brands that promise freshness as part of their packaging process. A well-sealed, high-quality coffee should maintain its freshness for up to 12 months.
  • Less is more. Your coffee shouldn’t include a bunch of additives. Read labels carefully. If you’re a fan of flavored coffee, those flavorings should come from natural sources. 
  • Avoid the acid. Your relationship with your coffee shouldn’t hurt. Choose a low-acid coffee for less intestinal distress and a smoother cup.
  • Opt for fair trade. Support brands that ethically source their coffee beans. You’ll be supporting local communities this way while sipping on better-tasting, small-batch coffee. It’s crucial to have a conscience with your coffee. (It also can prevent chemicals like agrochemicals and GMOs from ending up in your coffee.)

These are some of the things we kept in mind when creating our fan-favorite gold coffee for Golden Ratio. It’s organic, low-acid, made with ingredients we are proud of, and fair trade.

What is the best coffee to use for golden coffee? The best coffee to use for golden coffee is Golden Ratio. It was created to meet the need for a lighter, gentler roast. Golden Ratio offers a cup that’s easy on the stomach and taste buds while providing an impressive caffeine kick.

Ready to turn water into gold?

You won’t need to head to the coffee shop to taste the delicious future of low-acid coffee. Golden Ratio is available online. Try the original if you’re a purist or one of the flavored varieties if you’re feeling more adventurous. Fans of chai won’t want to miss our Chai Spiced.

You’ll find the cost of Golden Ratio gold coffee comparable to other specialty coffee roasters, and the convenience second-to-one. You can even subscribe for gold brew delivered regularly to your doorstep.  

Taste the flavorful difference of gold coffee and you’ll understand why it’s quickly becoming the talk of coffee (and tea) lovers around the U.S.


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